REIGN your story

Someone, somewhere in the world is having a Disney experience every second of every day.

Think about that. A pretty powerful statement when you consider *all* of the companies out there.  We know that Disney’s primary goal is to provide a magical experience to their customers, and through all of their businesses (ESPN, Pixar, Parks & Resorts, ABC) they are able to bring that magic to life. It is more than the optics of engineering: it is about managing multiple endeavors while simultaneously using singular focus to be the best.

These qualities translate into each of us every single day. We all have many individual parts of our lives and define ourselves by our roles: student, daughter, friend, colleague, etc… However, our whole self is greater than the sum of those individual roles. It is that combination that makes each of us unique and beautiful. While we have many shared experiences as women, everyone’s experiences and upbringing are very different. Individually, our stories are create a beautiful melody. Collectively, we create harmony.

Welcome to our inaugural post. Before putting pen to paper (or in these times, fingers to keyboard), we agonized over what we would call our site. We researched hundreds of names, read tons of quotes, and for a while could not find anything that encompassed what we wanted to accomplish. And then one day it came. Women are taking control of business, politics, art, technology, music, movies, fashion, sports….and a million other categories. Women in every corner of the world are challenging the traditional roles that have been imposed upon us, questioning gender-based societal limitations, and redefining what it means to be a woman today.


This is a place dedicated to you, to us. Whether you are in school, working, single, partnered up, starting a family, this space will have something for everyone. We want to incorporate career advice / family / healthy living / personal finance / fashion / interests / food and anything and everything in-between. We don’t believe that life operates in neat little silos. Remember when we were in kindergarten, and the teacher pulled out the finger paints? The best part was it was okay to be messy, and it was so much fun to mix the colors together to see what new colors emerged. That magical experience happened because we were encouraged to take risks and blend the colors together. Life is very much like that kindergarten experience.  It’s more fun to get a little messy, mix things up, and have a little of everything in your masterpiece of life.

Our goal is to redefine what it means to be a woman. We no longer live in times where just one label – athlete, nerd, fashionista, foodie – applies. We want to create a dialogue inclusive of every woman’s unique background, life experiences, and beliefs. We all bring something special to the table, and by openly contributing, we are creating an unbreakable bond. Because life is so much better when shared.

Reign your life and your passions. It’s time to let your story shine.


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