Put a wrap on it

Like most of you I love a good mani / pedi. What I don’t love is paying $40+ every time to get one.  I’ve found a lower cost solution….and best of all, little to no skills needed!

Nail wraps are all the rage right now. Think fun designer sticker for your nail. All you need is your own base and top coat. (I’d suggest Essie’s 2 in 1 which saves you a step.)

There are a few different companies out there like Jamberry, but my favorite is NCLA. They have tons of different styles and everything from Hello Kitty to Neon Flamingos. It’s $15 per set which lets me use them twice.  The larger sized ones can even be used on big toes! Complete your own look in 5 short steps:

  1. Start with clean hands
  2. Apply your own base coat
  3. Measure the wrap against your finger to find the right size
  4. Peel off sticker, apply on nail and file off ends
  5. Apply top coat

Voila! Here are some of my best looks: IMG_9859 IMG_9860 IMG_9861

Beyoncé even has a line with them. Put them on and make it more fun to run the world.


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