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Tech Tools 4 Life: Doodle

You want to plan a meeting. In order to pick a time everyone is available, you write an email listing several dates/times and send it out to colleagues. Then, it begins. The responses (sometimes sent to only you and sometimes reply all) come flooding in. You are then tasked with reading all the emails to find a date and time that works for everyone. On top of that, the responses are never simple and you are forced to read all the reasons why people can or can’t make certain time. Ugh. How did people even schedule meetings before email?

You want to plan a girls night out with some friends you haven’t seen in ages. In order to pick a time everyone is available, you write an email to your friends suggesting several dates and times that might work. Here we go again… There’s got to be a better way to do this. Well, good news. There is!

Doodle is a free website that simplifies schedule a meeting at work, get togethers with friends, or any other event in which several people have to find a date and time they are all available. We are all very busy, and Doodle makes the process of getting together with others a lot easier.

Signing up takes seconds, and you fill out a form listing the name of your event, location and you list several dates and times (which is easy since you are just clicking on a calendar).

You email the link Doodle gives you to your friends and their names automatically populate the participants section. It’s easy for friends to fill out the form since all they do is put a check next to dates/times that work. Doodle color codes the chart with yes/no/ifneedbe and lists the number of responses of each at the bottom of the chart. Seriously, it is that easy.

You can even use Doodle to send out a survey. Doodle-Book Club Do you want to figure out what most people want to read for the next book club meeting or where everyone wants to go for dinner? Doodle can help! If mere thought of planning a get together or meeting feels exhausting, give Doodle a try. It makes scheduling, and your life, a lot easier!


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