Confessions of a Great Condenser

I see half-empty bottles and boxes, and the urge strikes. All that empty space in the jar somehow feels like a valuable commodity. I have never been able to make sense of this crazy urge, but sometimes I have to sink into it and revel in the joy of condensing.

One of my favorite condensing events is my annual condensing of the nail polish. I line up my bottles and carefully inspect the fill line of each little soldier. I usually start with the bottle that has the least amount of polish in it and find a similar or complementary bottle of polish that has room to spare. I typically stick with the same brands when I mix the polish, but sometimes I like to live dangerously and mix two different brands. I admit it. I live life on the edge.

Nail polish tends to be an impulse purchase for me. I’m at the store, a nail polish color catches my eye, and I buy it. In that moment, I usually forget that I have about about 2 -3 bottles of similar colors at home. I guess I have my go-to shades! That actually makes it a lot easier for me to mix the colors. NailPolish

My condensing behavior is definitely related to me not wanting to waste a single drop of nail polish. I don’t like it when you have to push the brush to the bottom of the bottle to eek out polish, and my condensing is a way to make the most of nail polish. I also get a secret thrill as I watch the drops of polish blend together and I toss out several empty bottles.

Nail polish is just the tip of the iceberg in my condensing habits. Are you a condenser, too? Are the the victim of a condenser? We would to hear from you!


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