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Tech tools for life: Pocket

You’re trying to read an article for a paper you’re writing and there are links to other articles which are related and interesting. You start to go down this spiral; when you look up hours later it’s 2am and you’re nowhere close to finishing that 9am submission deadline.

We’ve all been there. Information is ever-present, ever-streaming and, sometimes, distracting. I want to educate myself on a certain topic and feel obligated to read through everything even when I don’t have time, without any good way of indexing them without just emailing myself a mundane laundry list of links.

a few of my saved articles
a few of my saved articles

I recently heard about Pocket and it is truly transforming my life. I downloaded the app on my phone (you can also create an extension on your computer). Now if I come across an article I don’t have time to read immediately, I save it to my pocket and voila! I can access it at any later time. Beyond that it allows me to save articles, videos, and images. The best part? Friends and I can share any of these with one another.  I can finally say goodbye to random texts with links that I can never find or reference when I need to!

swipe right for options
swipe right for options

The best part: you do not need internet access to save or read articles. Swipe an article to the left to tag, archive, star, delete, or share it. When you have enough articles Pocket will show you highlights. This is perfect for being on an airplane, subway, or anyplace where you’re not getting great reception.

We’d love to hear your Pocket best practices!

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