Tell Me Your Story

On Monday, October 12, 2015, I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Dan Gottlieb speak. He recently gave a TEDx Talk called “I Broke My Neck and My Soul Began to Breathe.” Dr. Gottlieb is a psychologist, author, and inspirational speaker. He talked about his life story, wisdom gleaned from his experiences and hearing the stories of others. Dr. Gottlieb said many things that resonated with the audience, but there was one statement that stood out. He said that there are four powerful words that transform our lives. They are four of the most important words we can ever speak. “Tell me your story,” Dr. Gottlieb shared. “And then LISTEN.”

Dr. Dan Gottlieb speaking at the NJSCA annual fall conference 10/12/15
Dr. Dan Gottlieb speaking at the NJSCA annual fall conference 10/12/15

Everyone has a story, everyone is dealing with a major life issue, and some of us are dealing with many life crises. We often deal with these challenges in private, in isolation, and feel alone. We ask ourselves, “Is there anyone else who has gone through this? Will I get through this? Will I wear a mask but be ruled by fear, insecurity, or a closed heart beneath the mask?”

Dr. Gottlieb shared a statement that one of his counseling clients made. “I feel like my soul is a prism, but everybody just sees one color. Nobody sees the prism.” At ReigningIt, we want to share the many beautiful colors of our prism that make us who we are. Sometimes we are silly and fun and other times serious and focused. Exploring Prismonly one color fails to account for the full spectrum of who we are as women.

In our regular interview series, we are sharing stories of women and their unique life experiences. We hope that you will not only see yourself in these women’s stories but that their stories will resonate with the many colors of your prism and that you will see women who are ReigningIt.

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