Coloring is the new therapy

Angela and I are admittedly project-a-holics. If we’re not working, we need something else to focus on. Angela is great with writing, her garden, and speaking engagements, whereas my hobbies are decor, travel and art. Even though we like to keep busy, there are times when we need to decompress, and even exercise feels like too much.

3ColoringBooks-ftrThat’s where coloring comes in. I used to draw and color a lot as a child, but over the years somehow I lost the habit. Plus (to be honest) it seemed a little juvenile: the thought of being on a plane with crayons and a book would come with a side of being made fun of.

One day at Target I walked by the children’s aisle and the yearning to color came back, but I was not interested in the “4 and under” version of books. I went home and did a quick Amazon search not expecting to find much, but was more than pleasantly surprised when I came across numerous pages of books with themes that appealed to my adult taste: modern design, Paris architecture, secret gardens, etc.

2 of my books, crayons, and colored pencils
2 of my books, crayons, and colored pencils

I couldn’t have been more excited when my books arrived! Admittedly I spent hours that first week coloring until my eyes were closing on me. There was something about the fun of choosing a color, the variety of different kinds of pages and flipping in-between books to find the perfect match, and the restraint of staying within the lines that’s magical.

Since then I’ve seen more coloring books at airports, so I guess there’s no shame to taking them on the plane after all 🙂 I was also excited to read this article on adults buying coloring books for themselves. I don’t color as much as a few months ago but it makes me content to know it’s there should the mood strikes. Let us know which coloring books you love!

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