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Tech Tools 4 Life: SafeShare

I love using YouTube or Vimeo video clips at work. I embed them into presentations and recognize that an insightful clip can effectively open up a team discussion. I used to hesitate to use video clips because I could never be sure what ads would pop up, which “suggested videos” would appear in the sidebar, what uncensored comments would appear below the video, and what video might automatically start playing after the one I selected finish playing. A funny, insightful video clip could quickly transform to an embarrassing nightmare!  

safeshareI discovered SafeShare (, which is a FREE way to safely share videos with just a blank screen in the background. There are no ads, no suggested videos, no comments, and only YOUR video will play.

How does it work? It’s as easy as “copy and paste.” You simply copy the video link you want to safely share and paste into the SafeShare bar on their website to generate a safe link. You copy the link SafeShare gives you and paste into an email, presentation, or any other format you are using to share the video.

SafeShare is a BIG sanity saver! It gives you more control to safely share videos without worry.


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