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Your Signature. Your Social Life.

I was trying to update my signature on my work email address when I ran into a few glitches. I wanted to wrap text a pic in my signature, but gmail doesn’t have this feature (yet). I wanted to include all my social media info thinkingmy signature, but it looked too busy and like a laundry list of hyperlinked text. I wanted to add all my contact info (email, phone, address, fax), but ALL of this info made my signature longer than most of my emails! Would I be forced to choose between including my Twitter or LinkedIn info? Should I leave out my fax number or work address?

Then, everything changed. I was on the Counseling Geek blog (the BEST one for counselors IMHO, BTW) when I read something that changed everything. He recommended checking out WiseStamp, which is a totally free way for you to add a personalized signature to your email address. I did and immediately was sold! Well, sold on a free feature, that is!


I love that you can add ALL of your social media accounts, blogs, websites, etc… in one simple signature. It is a beautiful thing!

Here is how WiseStamp describes their vision:

Bringing the world of Apps into email

WiseStamp’s vision is to build an Email Apps Platform that enables users to utilize their emails with social, productive and engaging Email Apps.

There’s a huge gap between email and the social and dynamic web of today.

Our passion is to bridge this gap by building a strong platform with a variety of Email Apps that on one hand lets users make a better use of their daily emails – adding a whole new level of functionality and interaction – and on the other hand enables publishers (social services and brands) to distribute their content and engage users in one of the biggest online markets – email.

wisestamppicAre you thinking that it will take a long time to set up an account or format your signature? If so, think again! It took me MUCH LESS time to set up my WiseStamp signature on THREE accounts than it took me to create my gmail signature on one account. Seriously! It’s super streamlined, super simple to setup, and super free! Check it out!

One thought on “Your Signature. Your Social Life.

  1. By logging in you’ll post the following comment to Your Signature. Your Social Life.:
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re loving your new WiseStamp email signature!
    It definitely makes it super easy to add all of your web and social links to your signature. I saw in your bio that you speak about technology in education and I was wondering if you might be interested in writing an article about the subject for our online knowledgebase for educators.
    It’s a new resource of ours which we are working to build up. You can take a look at it here:

    Please let me know if you have any questions.




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