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Tech Tools: Find out how Powtoons can make your Presentations POP!

People always ask me about my favorite tech tools. I love apps that keep me organized and social media accounts to keep me connected and informed. However, my go-to resource that wows the crowd is Powtoon. At first glance, it looks like a presentation tool, but it’s so much more than that! You can make fun, informative animated videos that stand out. pow2Basic user accounts are free, but you can upgrade to get more features.

I recently presented about my favorite tech tools at a school counselor conference, and Powtoon was the favorite resource that everyone wanted to know more about. How do you use it? Can you really make great animated videos with a free account?

Yes, you can make awesome Powtoons without signing up for a paid account. If you think you’ll be using Powtoon a lot, it’s definitely worth signing up to gain access to more features. However, you can absolutely make great videos without spending any money.

As a counselor, I’ve made videos for the following purposes:

pow4One audience member at the conference shared that he uses Powtoon (the basic account) to:

  • create videos that explain clubs and activities to students who want to sign up
  • teach concepts using a “flipped” classroom model
  • provide information about upcoming events
  • request volunteer assistance and/or donations for school activities

In the past, I would send an email to students or staff. The problem is emails are easily skimmed and forgotten. Creating a funny (yet informative) animated video allows me to share information in a way that the recipient is more likely to pay attention to and retain.

Most recently, I used Powtoon for two unique purposes. pow3First, I made a video to introduce myself to staff, students, and families. It was an easy and fun way for me to explain what I do as a school counselor to many groups of people at once. Second, I was required to make a video for a professional project. I can be critical of how I sound on video, and Powtoon allowed me to make a video without having to actually appear in it.

Certainly you can use Powtoon to spice up a presentation. This tech tool is so versatile that once you check it out, you will be very impressed with all it has to offer. If you have any difficulty, Powtoon offers great web-chat customer service and they are fantastic about responding to emails from users in a timely manner and in a super-informative way. Some pow1companies send auto-responses with suggested links to help you, but Powtoon has real people who are experts in the field responding to users.

Definitely check out Powtoon to learn more about this awesome resource. You’ll see why it’s one of my favorite tech tools!


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