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Women Who Reign: Liz Cleveland

12091245_2953279387914_8021606275561239395_oMeet Liz Cleveland! She is an extraordinary woman with a diverse set of interests and experiences. I first met Liz when she was in high school in New Jersey. I was immediately impressed with her dedication to both academia and ballet. This multi-talented girl then moved to Chicago with her family to finish out her high school career and later  attend the University of Illinois for undergrad. She took a full-time job after finishing her degree. After a year of working, she attended the University of Chicago where she received a graduate degree in statistics.

Liz stands out as a role model and inspiration. She is an independent thinker, world traveler, and she has a fun sense of humor! I am fortunate to have known her, watched her grow into the confident, beautiful woman she is, and I am truly blessed to call her my sister-in-law!


LizCTell us about yourself along with a fun fact!

I live and work in Chicago as a statistician for a market research company, IRI.  I love to travel and meet new people.


Who is someone who inspires you? What knowledge have they imparted?

Watching my parents, aunts, and uncles fearlessly pursue their goals has also been an inspiration.  Also, Thor, the Norse god :).


Snip20151208_15Describe a challenge you faced or a crossroads in your life that defined your path.

Deciding who I want to be was always a challenge.  I have always known that I love math.  My decision to major in statistics ultimately set my course.  


11792017_10153494736843766_5829012956836037312_oWhat are your favorite websites, apps, or other tech tools?

Groupme (for staying social).  Google music (for all my jams).  Uber (to get me where I need to go).  Amazon (to bring me everything I could ever possibly need).  Groupon (for the best dining out deals). Netflix (for endless entertainment).


What hashtag describes you/defines your life goals?



Snip20151208_14What song makes you want to dance, gives you courage to face the day, or makes you feel strong?

Europe’s “The Final Countdown


What knowledge would you impart to women in order for them to REIGN their lives?

Stay positive and inspired.  You can be whoever you want to be.


11930909_10153666986252022_3394536720332482616_oDescribe your ideal job.

My ideal job is one where I can do what I love and be around great people.


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