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5 Things to Consider Before Accepting an Offer (That Have Nothing to Do With the Actual Job)

I’m very excited to announce that one of my New Year’s resolutions came true…I’m now a contributor for The Muse! I look forward to writing much more but here is my very 1st article 🙂

A company asks you to interview for a position that interests you. You put your best foot forward, answer questions to the best of your ability, and hope that you made the right impression. Shortly after, the hiring manager calls you back saying you got the job—congrats! Now all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and pick out what you’ll wear on the first day.

Stop. Take a deep breath. Yes, this is awesome. But now the ball’s in your court. Sure the company likes you, but do you like the company? Emphasis on the word company—not position. No matter how much you’ll love your daily to-do list, if you don’t like the organization, your experience is going to be rough. And, why make the 40+ hours you’ll spend there each week rough?

So, it’s now you who should do some digging to make sure it’s the right fit. If you’re unsure of where to start, think about these five key factors.

To read more check out the full article here!



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